Completion is impossible

Creativity is fickle.


Creativity is good at starting things, but not finishing them. Creativity doesn’t take something over the line.


Maybe I have a bit of creativity, but I certainly don’t have any stamina to finish anything.


People often ask me —

When are you going to release a new track?
How’s your music stuff going?


The answer is that I’m doing stuff, but I’ve got nothing to show for it, because nothing ever gets completed. Most of my projects were abandoned so long ago that I can’t remember how to work with them.


Because not finishing things weighs on one’s conscience, I have decided to upload many years worth of incomplete work cursorily edited together as a single piece without any specific commentary — in a sense making this the most elaborate thing I have ever done.


Sixteen bars of each track.


Perhaps I can call at least one thing complete now.